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Journey of the Artist

Embarking on a creative journey as an artist is akin to setting sail into uncharted waters, where the destination is often as mysterious as the depths of one's imagination. It is a transformative odyssey that transcends time and space, weaving together passion, inspiration, and skill into a tapestry of self-expression. The journey of this artist is one such experience, driven by the relentless pursuit of truth, beauty, and the innate desire to capture the essence of the human experience

  • Pen & Ink

    Pen & Ink

    My early works.

  • Paper Twist

    Paper Twist

    My experimentations that lead to 3D sculpture.

  • Hostas in a field
    3D Sculpture

    3D Sculpture

    My innovations in the use of polymer clay enable large-scale 3D sculptures.
  • Public Works

    Public Works

    Public installations in and around Spartanburg SC.