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Public Art Project of the Spartanburg Art Museum

This is my journal, including process, thoughts, and materials in the creating of my "People and Places" piece.

Lighten Up Spartanburg

People and Places

January, February 2017

Now the Work Begins!

The Bulb Arrives

The Bulb arrives and with help from husband and friends it is placed in the studio on the second floor. It will weigh more when it is time for moving.

Poly Color Vinyl by Mameri is a durable acrylic paint and will be used. A top coat will be applied.

Four folds are being added to the bulb.

Folds represent the textile industry. This industry was a big part of the work force and economy of Spartanburg in the 19th and 20th century. Its impact can still be seen and felt in the newer and older buildings within Spartanburg County.

The folds are formed of mesh wire and shaped around the bulb. They are adhered with screws and metal straps.

Once the “folds” are attached they are covered with fabric, fabric hardener and then a layer of Apoxie clay.

Self Hardening Clay

The clay is a self-hardening clay that dries to a very durable hardness and will make the “folds” ready for the final layers of cloth, clay and paint.

"Hub City"

The first images I constructed on the bulb were trains circling the base of the bulb. “Hub City”

The trains pass in front of hills and through trees as it travels to the Spartanburg Depot.

My Father worked for many years for Southern Railway. I have fond memories of riding the train. One trip was to Washington DC and others were day trips in the mountains.

The Train

The train traverses around the bulb until it reaches the first of the four “folds” that have been attached to the bulb. This first fold will carry scenes of downtown Spartanburg.

At the time of this update 2/5/17 I have not begun work on this fold.
An image of the depot will appear to the top left on the fold.

Painting the Trains

Painting note: Painting of the trains was done to help set the “tone” for the rest of the bulb. As I work on other areas it will help me determine the range of colors that I will be using. Painting a sculptural work is a challenge because the colors are almost secondary. They are used to highlight the sculpture. The detail is in the sculpture not the paint.

Covering the Bulb

In order for the “folds” to work as unit with the bulb, all the folds and part way up the bulb have been covered in cheesecloth and covered with a fabric hardener. The hardener used – Fa Brick was developed for outdoor sculpture use.

Acrylic paint was then applied to the cloth as an underpainting for the images to come. This helps to show how the fabric drapes on the bulb. The folds help determine how the images will “flow” on the bulbs.

The intent is to have each fold flow into the next fold setting up a story line about Spartanburg.

Ultimate goal would be to draw the viewer in – once in – they have to walk around the bulb to see what they can find. Curiosity. Seek and find.

Images on Fold Two

The images on this fold represent three of the most iconic images one may think of if they are longtime residents of Spartanburg.

The Evans Building
Wofford College
Converse College

The buildings are of polymer clay and the background and foreground surrounding the buildings are of Apoxie Clay.

All will be painted with acrylic paint.

Symbolic images of the citizens of Spartanburg can be seen approaching the buildings. These images will appear on all the “Folds” and the upper reaches of the bulb. They represent “hope” for the future.

As we dream and plan for the future, it is hoped that all the residents of Spartanburg County will be part of this dream.

Back of Fold Two

The backside represents the peach orchards and cotton fields that once dominated the landscape of the land around the city of Spartanburg.

Images on Fold Three

Fold three has images of mills, a train trestle, waterfall, mill houses, people playing in the water and climbing rocks.

Work and play.

Back Side of Fold Three

On the back of Fold Three is a path through trees. This image represents the paths created for the residents of Spartanburg County for exercise and for the enjoyment of the beauty of the area.

Images on Fold Four

This fold is about the Assault on Mt. Mitchell. It shows the energy and spirit of those who strive for a challenge. We are a community of many people with many interest.

The start of the Assault is the Memorial Auditiorium.